Other Sites of Interest  
Cro Fittings Adam has produced numerous super-high-detail castings for various locomotives, many of which I will be using on Britannia
Blackgates Engineering 5" gauge drawings from the original Perrier drawings and Wilwau castings
D. Hewson Models High-detail castings for various locomotives
Cowells Small Machine Tools Cowells Small Machine Tools manufacture a range of tools for model engineers and clockmakers. Ideal for miniature turning or milling in plastic or metals.
S.P.G. Tools Similar to the Warco range but the mills cater for R8 as well as MT. My new mill came from here. First-class service.
Arc Euro Trade Specialists in Sieg machinery but also lots of tooling and spares
Warco Full range of machine tools suitable for model engineers
Model Engineering Clearing House Model engineering forum with particular emphasis on locomotives. I frequent this site more than others.
Model Engineer Forum dedicated to Model Engineer and Model Engineer Workshop magazines
Model Engine Maker Model engineering forum covering a wide range of subjects, not many locos though
The David Hey Collection Massive collection of stories and photos, a fantastic resource for modellers.
Nigel Fraser Ker The most detailed set of photographs available for 70000 'Britannia' including photos from Paul Orrells
Jeffrey G. Hook An easy-to-follow description on finding dead centres and setting the return cranks.
RDG Tools Tool suppliers to model engineers
Tracy Tools Ltd Tool suppliers to model engineers
Macc Models Good range of materials and consumables, very reasonably priced, very good and quick service. One of my preferred suppliers.
M-Machine Massive range of materials with cutting service and good prices. Lynn is very helpful.
Buy Metal Online Sheet metal suppliers with very keen prices and ME friendly. My boiler material came from here. Highly recommended.
BA Bolts Nuts, bolts, rivets etc.
Entex Springs All types of springs with easy-to-use reckoner