Visitor Feedback

If anyone wishes to contact me, you can send me an email using the format "feedback at" (you know how it works...) but you MUST put the word Brit (or brit, BRIT etc - not case sensitive) into the subject line. A message rule on the server will discard ALL emails that do not contain "brit" in the subject line to try to prevent spam. For example, "your britannia" works because "brit" is contained within the subject line.

I have now moved my website to a new hosting company and it is now a secure site. After being advised by 123-reg, my original hosting business, that I could purchase and apply an externally-purchased SSL certificate to this simple website, they then said that I could not do this AFTER I had spent the money. I will never again use 123-reg for any services and would warn any prospective website builders against using this webhost. There are many more better and cheaper options out there, which I have now found out to my cost. Caveat emptor.

I would invite visitors to tell me how I could improve the site. If you have a question, I will endeavour to answer it BUT I will only be checking the mailbox about once a week so please don't expect a quick reply. Please note: I do not have an outgoing mailserver so any reply will come from my personal email address.