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I have now moved my website to a new hosting company and it is now a secure site. After being advised by 123-reg, my original hosting business, that I could purchase and apply an externally-purchased SSL certificate to this simple website, they then said that I could not do this AFTER I had spent the money. I will never again use 123-reg for any services and would warn any prospective website builders against using this webhost. There are many more better and cheaper options out there, which I have now found out to my cost. Caveat emptor.

I no longer have a mail server tied to this website so people are unable to send me emails. If anyone wishes to contact me, I am now a regular contributer to the MEM forum, with the user name "springcrocus" and people can get in touch with me on there. I am more than happy to start a correspondence with another builder but only after a prior introduction, due to a close encounter with scammers recently and loads of junk mail.

This LINK will take you to the Model Engine Makers website but you will need to join to be able to make a post. Progress on all these builds will be recorded on there, as well.

All three builds were recorded (but not finished) on the MECH forum but it is unlikely that I will continue them on there

Anyone who has contacted me in the past will already have my private email address and may continue to contact me on that.