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5" gauge Britannia
Assembly & Alignment Drawing Errors 1. Mainframes 2. Pony Frames 3. Main Axles 4. Coupling Rods
5. Bogie 6. Pony Truck 7. Brakes, Sanding Gear 8. Cylinders9. Link Motion 10. Oil Pumps, Saddle
11. Smokebox 12. Boiler Detail 13. Boiler Fittings 14. Superheater, Ashpan 15. Valves, Pipework 17. Cab Fittings, Clothing
18. Cab & details 19. Footplates & details 21. Tender Frames, Axles 22. Tender WPU, Brakes 23. Tender Body 24. Tender Body, Filter
Sub-assemblies and General Overview
This section is for photos of the various sub-assemblies and for an up-to-date picture of how far the project has progressed to date. Some of these pictures will be linked to from other pages but the general overview pictures do not belong anywhere else.
General Locomotive Pictures
Front Bogie (sub-assembly)
Rear Pony Truck (sub-assembly)
Tender Chassis
Tender Tank
Cab Plumbing
Final Assembly